2nd European Universities Sport Climbing Championship 


After the organizers of 1st European Universities Sport Climbing Championship (Katowice) prepared excellent event, EUC 2017 will do it’s best to keep the organization on that level. This year’s competition will be organized in cooperation with “Climbing centre Marulianus”.
Marulianus will host Bolder and Speed competition while last competition day will be reserved for Lead discipline in sports and cultural center "Dom mladih"
The organization of the EUC Sport Climbing shall be mainly based on the most recent Technical Regulations of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC).



Team Tournaments:
• 1 (one) Lead tournament, maximum 240 (two hundred forty) athletes,
• 1 (one) Speed tournament, maximum 240 (two hundred forty) athletes,
• 1 (one) Boulder tournament, maximum 240 (two hundred forty) athletes.



Side Tournament:
• 1 (one) Dyno Jump Contest.



Side tournament is non-compulsory for participating teams’ athletes. Entries to only this tournament are not possible




24th July


25th July
General Technical meeting

26th - 27th July
Competition and Training days

28th July
Final day of competition 
Closing ceremony

29th July 




Turkey - Akdeniz University

Portugal - University of Porto

Netherlands - University of Wageningen

Finland - University of Helsinki

Portugal - Nova University of Lisbon

Austria - University of Graz

United Kingdom - University of Sheffield

United Kingdom - University of Edinburgh

Croatia - University of Split

Portugal - Polytechnic Institute of Porto

Austria - Montan University Leoben

Czech Republic - Masaryk University

Russian Federation - Siberian Federal University

Poland - AGH University of Science and Technology

Hungary - Budapest University of Technology

Belgium - Catholic University of Louvain

Russian Federation - Industrial University of Tyumen

Portugal - University of Minho





As already mentioned two disciplines Bolder & Speed will be organized in the Climbing centre Marulianus which is located 3.6 km from accommodation.





Lead competition will be held in sports and cultural center "Dom mladih" whitch is located 2 km from the accommodation. 




Training facilities for all participants will be provided at sports and cultural center "Dom mladih"' (Lead venue).
There are enough facilities for trainings and training schedule will be provided for all teams throughout the championship. Quality and quantity of changing rooms and showers (men and women) is guaranteed.
Transportation will be arranged by buses on daily schedule.