EUSA Sport Climbing lead champions

Man and women EUSA Sport Climbing finals, category lead, was held 28th of July at Dom Mladeži in Split from 15 till 18 p.m.

There was eleven man finalists and the winner was Simon Lorenzi, from Catholic University of Louvaine. This self-effecing climber revealed how he didn't have doubt in winning on this championship: "I didn't know my opponents, I have never met them, butt still, I was a little bit expecting to win."


Second place in lead category took Simon's colegue Sebastien Berthe, also from Catholic University of Louvaine and third place Igor Fojcik from University of Science and Technology AGH.


From eleven women finalists, the winner was Jennifier Wood from University of Sheffield: "I didn't expect to win, I am so happy. It was really hard, Ididn't know other competutirs, it wad quiet tense."


Second place took Aniek Lith from University of Wageningen and third place Ajda Remškar from University of Edinburgh.


After two exhausting, but very intense days, climbers finished their performance on this Championship. They are returning to their homes, enriched with one experience more and some of them with medals around their necks.