Known finalist of the EUSA Sport Climbing

After changing the Poljud venue for Dom mladeži hall, climbers in man and women competition had their qualifications for lead and speed.

In pursuit for finals most successful man in lead category was Nikola Kramarić from University of Split exploiting the advantages of domestic field. He was followed by Tamas Farkas from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (HUN) and Igor Fojcik from AGH University of Science and Technology (POL). The others lead finalist are Artem Savalyev, Semen Chesnokov, Simon Lorenzi, Sebastien Berthe and Thomas Salakenos.

In women's competition familiar names in top three places. Jenifer Wood from University of Sheffield and her countrywoman Ajda Remskar form Edinburgh University are in lead. Daria Kun, Aniek Lith, Andrea Pokorna, Anna Tsyganova, Svetlana Motovilova and Iulia Kaplina will try to suprise in finals and win the medal.

Judging by order in man's speed competition, we could say that this discipline is really popular in Rusia. Aleksandar Shikov and Artem Savelyev from Industrial University of Tymen are on top two positions and Semen Chesnokov from Siberian Federak University is following. In finals we are also going to watch Croatian representative Borna Čujić, Petr Burian (CZE), Thomas Lach (AUT), Jacek Kaszanowski (POL) and Igor Fojcik (POL).

No suprises in women's speed qualifications. Curent world recorder, Yulija Kaplina is strong in first position followed by her biggest competitor Anna Tsyganova. Daria Kan, another one Rusian representative is on third position. Other girls that are compiting in finals are Nina Lach (AUT), Juliya Levochkina (RUS), Svetlana Motovilova (RUS), Ajda Remskar (GBR) and Andrea Pokorna (CZE).

Finals are on schedule at 15 o'clock and we are curious to see can someone break Rusian domination.