Sport climbing - Russia speed kings and Croatian boulder wunderkind

Speed climbing is among the youngest Olympic sports and to have an opportunity to witness the future of this sport at Marulianus sport climbing club is really a joy for all true sport lovers.


Because this is the second University sport climbing championship we would like you to get know what sport climbing is, and what can you expect in the next couple of day. Sports climbing has three main categories – boulder, lead and speed climbing.


First one consists out of problem solving and requires a lot of strength and endurance to be able to pass the required path in six or eight moves. Lead is also really intensive because the climber has to use the path given by the route setters. Speed is the most exciting for regular spectator and the name says it all. Two climber face each other and the winner is the one who climbs first to the top.


If you follow the sport you have to know the name of Stanislav Kokorin and Iulia Kaplina, who are second at the world rankings in speed climbing. Besides them, who are top class athletes, watch out for Svetlana Motovilova (11th in speed climbing), Nina Lach (14th in speed climbing), and Daria Kan.


Boulder will be the most interesting because domestic fans can rely on Borna Čujić to win one of the medals. Although he is very young, gold medalist from the Youth World Championship in Guangzhou competes in his country and will be extremely motivated to make a great result.


Poljud stadium will be full of great competitors and our advice to you is dont miss a day of this